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I Do Like Mondays

September 10, 2012

I’ve always had trouble with flip flops, bit of a family thing actually, probably ever since my father got his flip flop caught under the accelerator and shot back into the verandah. Although it’s not so much the thing (the rather painful between the toes, form of footwear) but it’s the word it’s the word that can cause problems.
In Australia the word for such footwear is “thongs”, at least it was when I was there, and that has led to some confusion, since. In this country a “thong” is the generic term for a certain form of lingerie. In American politics “flip flopping” is the generic term for what we Brits would call a “U Turn”. Not only that, in the US they “flip” pancakes, in this country we “toss” them, in the US flipping is just about turning, in the UK “flipping” can be a mild vernacular substitute for another “f” word, hence My Flipping Classroom.

Thus in this introductory post here is a bit of an explanation of flipping: the presentation on the side bar A Flipping Presentation gives you some idea of what this is about, quite possibly you are already on the case, but even if you are, knowing about it and actually doing it are two different things. Help is at hand – possibly!

“Flipping” it seems, is a process by which you share and adapt resources. The idea is that you set the lesson going with electronic back up and then support the class as they work individually on the task you set, either by traditional personal contact or by using an overview interactive software.

The trick is the illusion of spontaneity when, in fact, everything has to be meticulously prepared and not only that it relies on appropriately maintained and supplied IT equipment and support, of which more later. In theory, once you are up and running, you have more time for quality teaching, but you do need a serious amount of resources to flip your classroom every lesson.

This blog is about trying to flip the classroom.

On the menu bar there is more about me, the page entitled

  • Free Stuff  is not gifts or competitions, but reviews and demos of all that stuff out there on the web, that with a bit of knowledge can wow your flipping classroom
  • The Power Pointers is a page on presentations and the like
  • Media Theory is related to the subject I teach – the dreaded Media Studies.
  • Consult is where you can contact me if you want me to come and help out, consult, lead a seminar.

… and why do I like Mondays? Because on Mondays this blog will be updated – the rest of the week I’m in the flipping classroom!

I do like Mondays!

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